How to Create Private Folder in Windows 10 and 11 | Lock & Unlock Folders in windows 11

Create Private Folder in Windows 10 and 11 : Microsoft Windows is the most popular computer operating system software in the world with market share of 30% of the global market. The software contains a large number of tips, tricks, and workarounds that users do not realize because they are hidden within the software. One of such tricks involves the ability to create a completely blank folder on your desktop, or within a sub-folder on your desktop.

If you want to create a secret folder to store private or confidential files in it, then in this post we are trying to help you Create secret, Blank or Private Folder, how to save or add files in it, how to make private folder in windows 10, how to lock a folder & how to unlock the folder, etc. So kindly read the full post to know the full details.

What is a Secret or Private Folder in Windows 10 and Windows 11 ?

A private or secret folder is the safe place in your computer storage where you can keep all your pdf, documents, images, videos, recordings, apps, files without knowing anyone. A private folder has no icon & no name in text. You can encrypt this folder with password so that no one can access it, also you can lock or unlock this folder. Private folder keeps your files safe, secure & confidential which prevents leak of your data in public.

How to Create Private Folder in Windows 10 and 11 ?

Creating Private Folder in Windows 10 is very easy, by following some easy steps given below you can easily make private folder in Windows 10 .

Creating Private Folder in Windows 10 step by step :

Step 1. Right Click on the blank area of the home screen of the desktop.

Step 2. Click on the ‘ New ‘ option & then click on ‘ Folder ‘ .

Your folder is now created, to make it a private folder, you need to rename it .

Step 3. To rename the created folder, right click on the folder & select rename .

Step 4. Now in the name box delete the ‘ New folder ‘ name and rename it by pressing ‘ alt + 0160 ‘ .

Now your folder is without any name, to make it more private you need to change the icon of the folder.

Step 5. Right click on unnamed folder you created & select ‘ Properties ‘ .

Step 6. Go to Customize ‘ & click on ‘ change icon ‘ .

Step 7. now you will see many icons in which choose a ‘ blank icon ‘ & then click on ‘ ok ‘ .

Your private folder on windows 10 is created now.

In the same way one can create private folder in Windows 11 .

How to Hide a Folder in Windows 10 ? / How to Hide a Folder in Windows 11 ?

Hide files and folders in Windows 10 / windows 11 using File Explorer. Follow the given steps :

Open the file explorer and select the file/folder you want to hide.

Now right click on the selected file/folder & select ‘ Properties ‘ .

Hide a Folder in Windows 10

In general tab click on the check box of ‘ Hidden ‘ option & then click on ‘ ok ‘ .

Hide a Folder in Windows 11

After that slect the ‘ Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files ‘ if asked .

Your folder is hidden now . This is the process to hide a file/folder in windows10/11 .

How to Show hidden folders in Windows 10 ?/How to show hidden folders Windows 11 ?

To show all your hidden files/folders in windows 10/windows 11, go to file explorer & follow the steps given below :

Go to ‘ View ‘ section in the file explorer app.

‘ view ‘ option in file explorer

Click on ‘ Show ‘ option from the drop down menu .

Now select the ‘ Hidden items ‘ from the option .

‘ Hidden items ‘ option in file explorer

After clicking on ‘ Hidden items ‘ , you will be able to see all hidden files/folders in your computer . This is the process of ‘ Show hidden folders in Windows 10 ‘ or ‘ show hidden folders Windows 11 ‘ .

Lock & Unlock Folders in Windows 11

FAQs on How to Create Private Folders in Windows 10 & 11 , How to Lock/Unlock Files/Folders in Windows 10 & Windows 11

How do I make a folder private in Windows 11?

Locking Folder using encryption in windows 11 :

Go to file explorer app & select the folder you want to lock.
Right click the folder & select properties.
In the general tab click on ‘advanced’ option.
At the bottom of the window, check Encrypt Content To Secure Data.
now click on ‘ok’ & then click on ‘apply’

your folder is locked & private now

How do I hide files and folders in Windows 11?

select the files/folders you want to hide in the file explorer application.
Right click on the selected folder.
Click on properties.
click on the ‘Hidden’ option checkbox.
choose attributes.
now your file/folder is hidden.

How do I password protect a file in Windows 11?

Open the file explorer app in your computer.
Select file/folder you want to protect by password.
right click the selected file/folder.
Choose ‘properties’ option.
now move on to ‘advanced’ .
choose the suitable attributes & click on ‘ok’ last click on ‘apply’ .

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